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The Artist

Selfie pic of myself and my family.

My name is Isaac Rauscher and that's my wife and two daughters in our selfie pic that we took while we were waiting in line to see some jousting and eat some good food.I am an art photographer in San Diego, California. I was born in Fontana, California in 1972. My family moved to San Bernardino in 1979 and that's where I spent my childhood and adolescence. I grew up with two brothers and a little sister who was born when I was twelve. I played baseball throughout my childhood and was a pretty good pitcher. I tried basketball and soccer but was pretty horrible at both. During middle school years I took an interest in drums and trumpet. Then in high school i started a mobile dj business. I did school dances and house parties. Before long I started playing in rock bands, first as a drummer and then as a guitarist and vocalist. I continued playing in rock bands for about 30 years. I performed on several albums, played a few tours and was signed to a record label for a couple years. Those were great experiences that I wouldn't trade for the world.  In 2005 I married my best friend Jennifer. Soon after , we had our first child. Nine years later, number two showed up. Both of our kids are extremely smart and talented and my beautiful wife is very supportive of all that I do. We bought a place in San Diego and we're just living the dream now. By trade, I have a swimming pool maintenance business I started in 2003. It's not a bad gig in this town. There's money to be made all year long and the recession didn't slow things down at all.  During the summer of 2018 I discovered a hidden talent in myself. Fine art photography came to me. The whole concept was unfamiliar to me when I began this journey but quickly became a passion. I absolutely love creating beautiful and inspiring images. With a little luck, I'll be on this new journey for the rest of my days and will hopefully be able to share my art and inspiration with the world. 


We are surrounded by the natural beauty of Mother Nature's art. I seek out this beauty and capture it through my photography. Within my online art gallery, I intend to share these stories of our natural world and the wondrous visions it creates. 



Beautiful seascapes add serenity and peacefulness to a room's atmosphere, allowing that room to invoke calm and relaxing emotions.

Fine Art Photography Prints

All prints are available on FujiFlex crystal archive paper face mounted to 1/8" scratch resistant , anti reflective acrylic with sintra encapsulation and an aluminum recess mount . All pieces are shipped ready to hang and are digitally signed .

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